What is CondoPortal?

CondoPortal is a subscription platform designed for communities. For a low monthly fee, CondoPortal will create and manage a customized platform for your community.

How custom is the platform?

CondoPortals are made custom to your community with unique imagery and other identifying features.

Are there hidden fees or additional costs?

There are no hidden or additional fees for using CondoPortal. All services - and costs associated with providing those services - are rolled into the low fee.

How secure is CondoPortal?

Your CondoPortal - including the discussion board and document storage - are behind a password protected firewall that is only accessible by your residents. CondoPortal does not provide access to third parties.

What is the benefit of a CondoPortal?

CondoPortals have no set up costs or ongoing risks to your community. CondoPortal handles all upkeep of the platform for you.

What if I cancel my CondoPortal?

CondoPortal offers a no commitment, cancellation policy. At anytime for any reason, you can cancel your CondoPortal subscription without a cancellation fee.